About Me

A very long time ago, I made the switch to a vegetarian diet. At the time, I viewed it as a vegan diet. In hindsight I can see how I wasn't really vegan until 2011. I was off and on the dairy train for years. Ultimately, I made the official switch over in 2011 shortly after I began food blogging while living in Austin, Texas.

Much like my relationship to dairy, I had an on again off again relationship with blogging. My blog, Lizz Delicious, managed to gain a good sized following, but I ultimately lost focus and decided that it should fade into the ether.

After a two year break, I thought long and hard about blogging again. I examined what it was that I disliked about it when I began in '11. Essentially, playing the blogging game of constant social networking, sticking to an editorial calendar, and clamoring for attention were really the things that drove me away from the blogosphere. Basically, I decided not to do those things and to just have fun sharing with New England based vegans, vegetarians, and the veg-curious my adventures encountering new and exciting foods throughout the region.

Inspired by the northeast, Wicked Good Vegan Food is just that. Consider it a portfolio of delicious, inspiring, locally based and seasonally inspired dishes, products, and reviews. Honest opinions, some original recipes, personal insight, and firsthand stories.

I have four e-books published using the name Lizz Clements. I also have one print cookbook for dogs (also in digital format). And I am about to launch a series of e-books sharing the name Wicked Good Vegan Food within the coming months.

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