WGVF Book Series

Want more recipes? The Wicked Good Vegan Food book series has you covered. Each themed e-book is a no fuss collection of recipes you can return to again and again. They're very affordable with each recipe costing less than $.10 each! If you'd like to read the FAQ about the series, scroll down. Click on each edition's book links for recipe lists and descriptions.

$.99 available through

What inspired you to create a series of e-books?
As an avid cook, I have a large collection of cookbooks by a wide variety of authors. But there are a number of books on my shelves that contain a great deal of dishes I would never make; either because they are too time consuming or they just don't sound appealing to me. When I started brainstorming future e-books, what sounded appealing to me as a consumer was a number of smaller collections each with a specific focus. I felt that it would enable my readers to purchase only the recipes they were genuinely interested in.

Do your cookbooks contain any photos?
The Wicked Good Vegan Food e-books do not contain any photos at this time. A gallery of photos for each book will be added to this bookshop in the future as images become available.

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